Uniquely exploring the private capital universe... combines two independent databases, PitchBook Data, a directory of over 50,000 establishments supported by private capital; and NETS, a time-series database of the U.S. economy including 22 years of historical information, produced in collaboration with Dun and Bradstreet and the Institute for Exceptional Growth (IEGC). The combined data is searchable by year (1995-2010), MSA (366) and state, with congressional districts data available for the entire U.S.

PitchBook, the leading provider of independent private equity research and data, delivers the comprehensive intelligence on deals, funds and key players that private market professionals need to confidently source and price deals, understand trends and make informed decisions. Our core product, the award-winning PitchBook Platform, is designed for easy, customizable access to information and analysis on the entire private equity lifecycle.

PitchBook gathers its data on private company investment through a multi-step research process that starts with a daily systematic review of thousands of news and public filing sources. We then confirm, clarify and refine this data through direct communication with key contacts at target companies, investors, limited partners and professional service providers. All of our data is relentless managed and cross validated to ensure its accuracy and completeness. For more information about our research and the PitchBook Platform, please visit


NETS database by Walls & Associates

This unique business establishment database, developed through a joint venture with Dun and Bradstreet, is now available to the business research community. NETS is a time-series database of the U.S. economy including 22 Years of Historical Information - 1990 - 2011. Over 300 data fields including business type, location information, employment, sales, Dun and Bradstreet ratings and payment performance, and special indicators like minority- or women-ownership and whether the establishment imports or exports.

Highlights include:

  • Establishment Data
  • Corporate Affiliation
  • Relocation Behavior
  • Coverage of over 52 million unique establishments on a national basis
  • Industry detail to the 8-digit SIC (6-digit NAICS) level every year
  • Public and private company coverage
  • Detailed corporate linkages and HQ information
  • Covers all businesses including sole-proprietors and the self-employed

More than 60 peer-reviewed academic studies have used the NETS database, along with projects completed for the National League of Cities, National Governor's Association and the National Bureau of Economic Research. NETS powers The Edward Lowe Foundation's site.

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Congressional Districts Database

The Congressional District Database lists the current congressional district of the new 113th Congress for each ZIP+4 defined by the US Postal Service.

Highlights include:

  • all congressional districts for each of the nearly 43,000 ZIP code defined by the USPS.
  • contains the city name, state abbreviation, all county names and county FIPS codes, MSA/PMSA (if any)

The Institute for Exceptional Growth Companies (IEGC) has identified and matched over 52 million establishments (including all private capital establishments on GE) to every zip code which lies partially or completely within a given congressional district.

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