HOW IT WORKS is not a static report.

Every search is dynamic, producing data and graphs driven by the user's search criteria.

One of the largest data sets on the U.S. economy and the most inclusive database on private capital work together.

Many traditional economic data sets rely on sampling and use a small subset of data to draw inferences about a larger population. Growth Economy provides a different experience by providing user-generated comparisons of private-equity backed companies, and visualizes your entire middle-market economy.

How Can I use

You can browse through data for the U.S. aggregate, states and core based statistical areas (CBSA), congressional districts, and select different time periods (between 1998 and 2017). For each region and period dynamically selected, you will see the actual data, comparisons against U.S. businesses, growth indexes, and maps for your private equity-backed companies. For the middle market results, you will see establishments, jobs, and sales graphically represented by three middle market sales segments (described below).

About Growth Economy's Data

  • Two independent data sets are used in, the Your-economy Time Series (YTS) database assembled and verified from Infogroup Historical Business data, and PitchBook, the leading provider of independent private equity research and data.
  • Access to the YTS database was contributed to Growth Economy through the University of Wisconsin System Institute for Business and Entrepreneurship's Business Dynamics Research Consortium (BDRC). Access to the PitchBook dataset is made possible through a strategic relationship between BDRC, PitchBook and ACG.
  • presents a dynamic view of the U.S. private equity and middle-market economies - showing changes at individual establishments for U.S., state, and MSA regions, as well as congressional districts, throughout the entire time series from 1998-2017.