About GrowthEconomy's Data:

  • Two independent data sets are used in, The National Establishment Times Series (NETS) database and PitchBook, the leading provider of independent private equity research and data.
  • Access to the NETS database was contributed to GrowthEconomy through the Edward Lowe Foundation's Institute of Exceptional Growth Companies. Access to the PitchBook dataset is made possible through a strategic relationship between PitchBook and ACG.
  • Includes more small businesses: in addition to all sole proprietorships and partnerships, includes "cottage" establishments (small-scale business activity that can be conducted in homes)
  • Presents a dynamic view of the U.S. private capital economy - showing changes at individual establishments for U.S., state, and MSA regions, as well as congressional districts, throughout the entire time series from 1995-2010

A breakdown of GrowthEconomy data search options includes: