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From 1995 thru 2010, private capital-backed companies grew jobs by 64.4%, while all other companies in the U.S. economy grew jobs by 18.3%.

From 1995 thru 2010, private capital-backed companies grew sales by 112%, while the United States grew sales by 26.4%.

Private capital-backed companies are widely dispersed through the U.S.

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From 1995 thru 2010, expanding middle-market private capital-backed companies created more new jobs than any other employment stage.

From 1995 thru 2010, private capital-backed companies had more annual growth in jobs and sales every year except one compared to the general U.S. economy.


A partnership between IEGC and ACG, (GE) matches data from two independent sources to track the performance of private capital-backed companies and see how they compare to other U.S. businesses.

The website enables visitors to see data at the national, state and metropolitan statistical area (MSA) level - and by congressional districts. GE also uses unique metrics, such as establishment sectors and employment stages, which identify new trends and insights about private capital's impact on regional economies.

Because GE uses longitudinal data, it can track business establishments over a period of years, enabling visitors to isolate any single year or series they care to focus on. And even though the website is sorting through more than 52 million businesses, it's still fast and easy to use.

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Congressional districts - private capital-backed companies are in 425 of the 435 congressional districts across the United States. Check out California's congressional districts!

New year, more companies - calendar year 2010 has been added with 7,454 more private capital-backed companies!

Private capital makes a difference - corporate growth and new job creation are fueled by private capital investment.

The middle-market makes a difference - companies supported by private capital investments demonstrate sustained growth over time, especially in middle-market companies (those with 10-499 employees).

Private capital companies are widely dispersed - see their locations across the United States.